Why Kids Should Visit a Dentist

Why Kids Should Visit a Children’s Dentist

The Canadian Dental Association recommends parents schedule an appointment at a children’s dentist in Toronto about six months after the baby’s first tooth erupts (appears from the gums) or by your baby’s first birthday. The first time you bring your baby to a dental clinic, you may find that both you and your child are nervous. But, with a bit of preparation and a trusted childrens’ dentist near you, you’ll find that going to the dentist is a lot less daunting than you imagined.

children's dentist LeasideBenefits of Going to the Dentist

Dental health can often be overlooked or forgotten, especially in young children who struggle to communicate their feelings and concerns independently. By visiting a local kids’ dentist in Leaside, common dental problems faced by children, like cavities and overcrowding, can be caught and resolved quickly. Regularly scheduled visits to a dentist near you will also help your child develop good habits and oral health that follow them later in life.

At Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside, our team of professionals takes extra time and care to ensure that you and your child have a stress-free experience. Below are some tips we’ve whipped up to ensure your child’s first visit with us is a success.

Prepare Ahead of Your Appointment

Early preparation for your appointment makes going to the dentist more manageable for you and your child. You can choose which parent will accompany your child to their appointment based on who has an easier time at dental clinics, and they can clear their schedule in advance.

Be Positive

Many parents struggle with dental anxiety, which studies find can be passed on to their children. If you, as a parent, are less than excited about visits to the dentist, it’s a good idea to hide that from your child. You can help your child minimize negative feelings about their children’s dentist in Toronto by using positive language and an upbeat tone.

Play Dentist

Especially ahead of your child’s first visit to the dentist, the team at Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside recommends managing their expectations by explaining the benefits of going to the dentist, role playing, and watching fun, child-appropriate videos about going to the dentist. You can pretend to check your child’s teeth and vice versa, or even have them practice on their favourite toy. By associating visits to the dentist with fun activities and positive feelings, their experience will be more pleasant.

Answer Their Questions

If your child has a question about their visit to the dentist regarding what they can expect, give them an answer to the best of your knowledge. If you or your child has a question you can’t answer, write them down and assure your child that they can discuss it with your kids’ dentist in Toronto. The team at Your Neighbourhood dentist is happy to provide you and your child with insights and explanations during your visit.

During Your Appointment

We use kid-friendly terms to explain procedures so that your child feels more at ease and learns to view a visit to the dentist in a positive light. We ask parents to support the practice’s terminology and listen as silent observers. You can still reassure your child with touches. This allows us to maintain communication with your child and allows your child to trust our team. Children will generally listen to their parents instead of us and may not hear our guidance.

Their first appointment with us will consist of reviewing their medical/dental history and a complete oral examination. Radiographs or the introduction to radiographs are started with children 3 – 4 years old. We will polish or scale your child’s teeth to remove any stains, calculus and plaque that can cause cavities. A topical fluoride application will follow, depending on the age and need of your child- no needles necessary.

Stay Patient

It can be difficult to see your child getting fussy as they await their dental treatment, but it’s important that all of the adults around remain calm and patient with the child. After all, it is a new experience. Even with all the preparation and care, your child may still react poorly to being at the dentist’s office, but all hope is not lost.

Sometimes it helps children to sit with their parents, so we may recommend that they sit on your lap, hold your hand, or even go for a quick walk to ease their nerves. If need be, you can always schedule a second appointment to finish anything you didn’t get through on the day of your first appointment.

As  family dentists in Toronto, the team at Your Neighbourhood Dentists understands that every child is different. We are here to help guide you both toward the best dental experience possible.

Planning the Second Visit

Once the first appointment with our dentist in Leaside is complete, your child should be far more comfortable. For the best and most thorough care, we recommend scheduling check-ups twice yearly to stay on top of any dental issues that may appear with time as more teeth come in.

You can prepare for future appointments by referencing how your child responded to their previous visit and make modifications where necessary with more videos, playtime, and conversations.

Visiting a Dentist Near You

Dr. Carrie Hui and Your Neighbourhood Dentist have been making happy, healthy smiles for the past 14 years in the Leaside, Bennington Heights and Davisville communities. Email us at drcarriehui@gmail.com or visit us to see how we can help keep you and your family smiling!

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