Guided Biofilm Therapy

At Your Neighbourhood Dentist, we are proud to offer a completely innovative patient experience called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). GBT allows our team to transform the patient experience by exchanging traditional cleaning methods to a revolutionary system that offers comfortable oral health care for all ages.

GBT is used by dentists in Toronto during regular cleanings.  It uses “Airflow” technology with a combination of warm water, air, and soft powder that contains a natural sweetener called Erythritol to remove bacteria (biofilm) in the mouth contributing to tooth decay and gum disease.

GBT is highly effective, non-invasive, and gentle, meaning that all patients with gum disease, braces, braces, crowns, bridges, and implants can take advantage of this treatment.

Benefit of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided biofilm therapy is an advanced oral cleaning treatment that works to comfortably remove bacteria designed to protect the teeth and ensure a healthier smile. The treatment effectively diagnoses cavities, removes stains and tartar buildup, and treats gingivitis. When executed by trained dental professionals at Your Neighbourhood Dentist, we can treat, delay and prevent the onset of gum disease and infections.

There are many benefits to GBT with a leading dentist in Leaside (Bayview/Eglinton) including:

  • Virtually Pain-Free Teeth Cleanings (Many Patients Don’t Feel a Thing!)
  • Protect Teeth from Physical Damage 
  • Faster Cleaning with Non-Invasive & Efficient GBT Technology 
  • Non-Abrasive, Preventing Sensitivity and Discomfort

Is Guided Biofilm Therapy for You?

If you find that your dental cleanings are painful or difficult to get through, Guided Biofilm Therapy gives you an alternative option with minimal use of physical dental instruments, preserving exposed dentin to minimize sensitivity. The advanced treatment is found to be useful in caring for veneers and dental implants, by offering a non-invasive and gentle cleaning option.

GBT is for everyone but may be especially beneficial if you struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Tooth Sensitivity 
  • Gingivitis 
  • Gum Disease 
  • Gum Recession 
  • Excessive Plaque or Tartar

Talk to our dentists in Leaside at Bayview and Eglinton at Your Neighbourhood Dentist to explore your GBT options and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

The GBT Protocol in  8 Simple & Thorough Steps

Leveraging the benefits of Guided Biofilm Treatments is as easy as contacting your trusted dentist in Toronto at Your Neighbourhood Dentist. 

Explore the Process: 

  • Assessment & Examination: During this stage our dental team will explore and examine the teeth to identify any signs of gingivitis or other periodontal/gum issues. 
  • Disclose Findings: The biofilm will be used to highlight any potential problems around the teeth and gums using the EMS Biofilm Discloser, where the colour will guide biofilm removal and enhance calculus detection.
  • Motivate & Empower: The technology and your dentist will share tailored instructions for improved oral hygiene practices that enable better disease prevention and tooth protection. 
  • Airflow Max: For natural teeth, implants, and tooth restorations, the Airflow Max will be used to carefully remove all biofilm, stains, and calculus from your teeth.
  • Perioflow: The Perioflow PLUS powder is used on natural teeth and dental implants to to penetrate below the gums and remove all biofilm
  • Piezon PS: Remove any remaining calculus surrounding the teeth and gums using non-invasive tools. 
  • Check & Protect: Once the process is complete your dentist will do a final inspection of your gums and teeth to remove any lingering calculus or biofilm. Following the final check, we will accurately diagnose potential or budding cavities and protect your teeth with fluoride treatments if needed. 
  • Follow Up: Schedule your next appointment based on our findings to keep your smile healthy and bright for many years to come. 

Get consistent, quality cleaning and results with premium Guided Biofilm Treatments at Your Neighbourhood Dentist. 

Call our office today to experience GBT for yourself!

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