5 Dental Myths Dentists in Toronto Have Debunked

5 Dental Myths Dentists in Toronto Have Debunked

When it comes to dental health, there is a lot of information around, but without insight from a professional dentist in Toronto, it’s difficult to determine what’s fact versus fiction. Whether you’re seeking information regarding dental hygiene, you’re looking for tips from a trusted children’s dentist, or exploring the benefits of cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns, the team at Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside, Toronto is here to be your guide.

Read on to explore debunked myths from a dental team you can trust.

Myth: Bleeding Gums When Flossing Can be Ignored

The Truth: Gums that bleed while brushing your teeth or flossing are often a direct result of inflammation. Typically bleeding gums and inflammation occurs when the toothbrush doesn’t effectively reach the gums or teeth, causing a buildup of plaque and bacteria, which ultimately leads to bleeding. If you notice bleeding when you floss, that is a sign that there is something going on there. If you make flossing a habit – the inflammation and bleeding will go away with time. To get your gums and teeth check out, book an appointment with a leading dentist in Toronto. Dr. Carrie and the team at Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside provides high-quality dental care, from hygiene to whitening, so you can protect your gums and your teeth.

Myth: Wisdom Teeth Don’t Need to Be Rchildren's dentist Torontoemoved

The Truth: While your wisdom teeth may not be giving you grief at the moment, it is always advised to have them assessed by your dentist. Sometimes removal is recommended to prevent issues with crowding, or damage to nearby teeth. Wisdom teeth removal can also decrease the risk of oral disease, inflammation and infection and can prevent cysts, tumours and TMJ pain.

Myth: X-Rays Are Unnecessary with Good Dental Hygiene

The Truth: Dental X-rays are an important part of your dental check up. If your dentist prescribes them at your appointment, it is to allow them to look past the tissue of your mouth, such as your gums, and to go into the deeper areas of your teeth and jaw bone. This allows your dentist to look for signs of oral health issues and cavities between teeth that are not visible with a visual examination alone.

Myth: Baby Teeth Don’t Need Property Routine Since They’ll Fall out Anyway

The Truth: Developing good brushing habits earlier in life sets positive patterns for a lifetime, leading to a lifelong of healthy smiles and good general health. Monitoring your child’s brushing habits and technique twice a day can prevent the buildup of plaque, while reducing your child’s chances of developing early childhood decay. Cavities left unaddressed or untreated can lead to issues with their adult teeth development and possibly tooth decay on their permanent teeth. It is important to take your child for their routine check ups at a children’s dentist in Toronto to ensure they have good oral health and to address any issues early on.

Myth: Tooth Loss is Genetic

The Truth: Just because your parents, or brother, or sister, or a family member lost their teeth, it doesn’t mean you have to lose yours too! Tooth loss due to decay isn’t genetic and can be 100% preventable with early intervention and professional care. There have been amazing advances in dental technology, both in at-home care and what we use in our office. With thorough brushing, flossing, regular check ups, preventative cleanings with your hygienist, and restorative treatments (when needed), it’s possible to have healthy teeth for life.

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The best way to know if your teeth and gums are in good health is by visiting a dentist, for exams, x-rays, and cleanings. Our team of professional dentists in Toronto at Your Neighbourhood Dentist offers comprehensive care to ensure you maintain a healthy smile.

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