Childrens Dentistry


A child’s first visit to the dentist sets the stage for lifelong oral health. Dr. Carrie Hui's goal is to make happy and healthy smiles a reality for our patients. We do this in a fun and relaxed environment that puts you and your child at ease.

Remember, the main goal is to have a fun and easy dental visit with your child and to introduce him or her to our dental clinic. Tell your child about the visit, but don’t get into detail. Let Dr. Carrie Hui and her team answer his or her questions about the visit and the tools and technology used in dentistry. We use kid-friendly terms to explain procedures so that your child isn’t frightened and learns to view a visit to the dentist as a good experience.

Try not to pass on your fears by telling about any unpleasant experience you have had in the past. Dentistry has changed and is more sensitive to patient needs – particularly the needs of children.

We all know primary teeth will fall so why is it important to keep primary teeth healthy?

They plan an important role by:

Primary teeth, or baby teeth are as important as permanent, or adult, teeth. A child usually has all of his or her primary teeth by the age of 3. They usually lose them all by age 12 or 13. Baby teeth are more than just space holders for permanent teeth. They play an important role by:

  1. Helping to maintain good nutrition by allowing children to chew properly. Decayed and missing teeth make it difficult or painful for a child to chew food
  2. Aiding in the development of clear speech and normal facial appearance
  3. Decaying or infected baby teeth can damage developing permanent teeth. Healthy primary teeth, and good oral hygiene give permanent teeth a strong foundation for growth
  4. Preventing unnecessary pain to a child from decaying teeth
  5. A healthy smile boosts a child’s self confidence


The first visit is spent undergoing a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • Medical and Dental history review
  • Extra-oral and intra-oral examination
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Radiographs (only as needed)
  • Smile evaluation

This will take about 25-30 minutes depending on your child’s dental health. Dr. Carrie Hui will then provide you and your child with an individualized treatment plan and will go over details of your needs according to the dental findings.

Following this 25-35 minute examination session, we will polish your child’s teeth to remove any stains and cavity causing bacterial build-up. Topical fluoride application will follow, depending on the age and need of your child. Recall intervals will depend on your child’s dental health; the average recall interval is 6 months since your child is growing so there will be many changes that are occurring in their mouth that should be monitored.

The initial appointment will also include a dietary analysis and oral hygiene instruction so that you and your child can be informed of how to keep a healthy smile!

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