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Give Your Children the Care They Need with a Trusted Kids Dentist

Starting from a young age, regular visits to a trusted dentist sets your children on a path to good tooth development and oral health. Taking your children to the dentist is not always easy, since many struggle with dental anxiety. But with an experienced children’s dentist at Your Neighbourhood Dentist, you and your kids are in good hands. 

Common Dental Needs for Children

As teeth erupt from the gums, there are many reasons why you may need to visit a kid’s dentist. Many young children suffer from cavities or tooth decay, gum or tooth infections, and dental accidents like chipped teeth. Dr. Carrie in Leaside & Davisville, Toronto, offers complete and reliable dental care catered to kids, so they can resolve pressing and painful dental problems properly and build a healthier future. 

  • Cavities & Tooth Decay: Poor brushing and flossing habits paired with a love of sweet treats make children susceptible to cavities. 
  • Tooth or Gum Infections: As baby teeth fall out and new teeth replace them, trouble with how teeth erupt can cause infections around the gums and teeth. 
  • Dental Accidents: In the spirit of fun, accidental injuries can cause chipped teeth, bleeding gums, even a knocked out tooth. When trouble incurs, rush to a local kids dentist you trust.

Identify tooth decay, dental emergencies, and poor dental habits before it goes too far with Dr.Carrie and Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside and Davisville. 

What to Expect on the First Visit to Your Neighbourhood Dentist

Our team is prepared to deal with children of all ages and personalities. We understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for kids and parents alike. That’s why we take the time to explain what will happen and ensure patience every step of the way. 

Upon your first visit you can expect: 

  1. Medical and Dental History Review
  2. Extra-oral and intra-oral examination
  3. Oral Cancer Screening
  4. Radiographs (only as needed)
  5. Smile Evaluation

Your initial assessment will span only about 25-30 minutes. By completing a thorough assessment of your children’s current dental health, we can tailor our care to provide the best dental service possible. Following this process, Dr.Carrie Hui will provide you with an individualized treatment plan. During this time you are free to discuss your concerns with our dental team and Dr. Carrie will provide you with an individualized treatment plan detailing our findings and goals.

Based on your age of child, our experienced kids dentist will apply fluoride topically to aid strong tooth development and prevent cavities. Your initial appointment will also include dietary analysis as well as oral hygiene instructions and demonstrations with our children's dentist to give your child the tools they need to develop and maintain a healthy smile. 

Follow Ups with Your Neighbourhood Dentist

Healthy teeth require regular attention. Depending on your child’s dental health, follow up appointment frequency may vary. Our team of experts recommend maintaining follow ups at least every 6 months to monitor changes occurring in their mouth.

Why Choose Dr. Carrie & Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about providing the highest quality dental care possible. With years of experience, our kids' dentists know how to empower and inform children and parents to make healthy dental choices and minimize problems later.

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