What You Need to Know About Bruxism and Teeth Grinding

What You Need to Know About Bruxism and Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding or even jaw clenching, is a problem that affects many people, about 10% of adults and even up to 15% of children. It’s a sleep disorder that may seem harmless at first but can be incredibly harmful to the teeth and painful. Many people suffering from Bruxism don’t visit a dentist or medical professional until the effects intensify. If you suffer night after night from teeth grinding, don’t wait. Visit our dentist in Leaside, Toronto, at Your Neighbourhood Dentist to address the problem and mitigate the pain. Our team specializes in a range of dental services, from cosmetic dentistry in Toronto to children’s dentistry and more.

Is Teeth Grinding a Cause for Concern?

dentist Leaside, TorontoIf you find yourself grinding your teeth occasionally, there may not be a significant cause for concern compared to long-term and consistent Bruxism. Often, Bruxism occurs while asleep, so many people don’t even realize they’re affected by it or how much they are affected. As teeth grinding progresses, it can cause problems such as tooth wear, sensitivity, loose teeth, tooth loss, or even fractured and chipped teeth. These damages go beyond the realm of cosmetic dentistry in Toronto. They can cause damage to the jaw muscles and Temporomandibular joints, which play an essential role in the use of your mouth and jaw.

If you suspect you may be suffering from Bruxism, check in with a dentist in Toronto sooner rather than later. At Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside, Dr Carrie and our team of dental professionals will assess the scope of damage and help you alleviate the pain and repercussions of teeth grinding.

What Causes You to Grind Your Teeth?

There are a number of reasons that can lead to teeth grinding. Some of the time, the exact reason is unknown. More often than not, Bruxism can be attributed to stress and anxiety, but other common causes are sleep apnea, snoring, teeth misalignment, alcohol use, cigarettes, or even caffeine. While eliminating the cause can prevent future teeth grinding, assessing any damage already caused by Bruxism is vital.

Signs You Grind Your Teeth

Because teeth grinding occurs while asleep, you may only realize this once you visit your dentist. Sometimes, teeth grinding or jaw clenching can become so loud that it wakes you at night. Or, you may notice visible signs such as tooth damage and worn enamel. When Bruxism goes on for long periods of time, you will likely feel its effects, including tight jaw muscles, tooth sensitivity, earaches and headaches, jaw and face pain/soreness, headaches, sleep disruption, and damage to the inside of your cheeks. Any of these individual signs should prompt you to call a trusted dentist near you. At Your Neighbourhood Dentist in Leaside, we will address the physical pain, discomfort, and cause, so you can have a beautiful and comfortable smile.

Teeth grinding with children can be more challenging to identify since younger kids have more trouble communicating their experiences. The signs of Bruxism in children are often similar to adults, but the causes can vary. The best way to identify teeth grinding is to visit a children’s dentist in Toronto when your child complains of pain or discomfort. You may also hear your child grinding their teeth as they sleep, in which case, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

How is Bruxism Treated?

There is no definitive cure for Bruxism, but leading dentists in Toronto recommend mouthguards limit the teeth grinding overnight or while asleep, which will ultimately minimize its effects. To learn more about managing Bruxism and its consequences, reach out to our dental team at Your Neighbourhood Dentist. We offer a range of dental care options, including cosmetic dentistry in Toronto, emergency dentistry, and children’s dentistry to help restore your or your child’s teeth.

Dr Carrie Hui and Your Neighbourhood Dentist have been making happy, healthy smiles for the past 14 years in the Leaside, Bennington Heights and Davisville communities. Email us at drcarriehui@gmail.com or book an appointment to see how we can help keep you and your family smiling!

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